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Leading Australian Hotel Advisers With Over 25 Years Experience and 650+ Projects

Our Experience

Dransfield have undertaken acquisition and pre-investment due diligence on hundreds of occasions for clients and also as principals.

We have structured methodologies and checklists that enable us to efficiently and completely identify and manage risks including price adjustments where necessary.

We have considerable experience in leading and working with bid teams. We know what to ask and what the answer means.  We can provide a complete Transaction Management service

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  • Acquisition 
  • Full transaction service 
  • Re-Development Options 
  • Asset Analysis 

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Exit strategy - how this affects the development

Operator Involvement - When to engage with the potential operator, and what decisions they should have input in

Development considerations - separate stratums, vertical transportation, location and integration of uses in a tower or masterplan

Hotel F&B vs. external F&B operator

Build To Rent (BTR) considerations (then perhaps needs its own landing page.

Our Past Projects